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Benefits of Piano Tuning

Pianos are delicate and complex musical instruments, the average of which consists of 230 strings and 88 keys. Whether your piano is being played every day or just serving as a handsome piece of furniture, regular scheduled tunings will extend its life, both tonally and structurally. For optimum results, we recommend tuning twice a year (once a year at the very least).

Because pianos are constructed primarily of wood, climatic changes in heat, cold, humidity, and aridity contribute to their loss of tune. A well-tuned piano helps to maintain the correct overall balanced string tension (pitch). This in turn minimizes structural damage, such as warping, loosening, cracking, splitting or bulging.

The piano should be tuned to the standard pitch of A-440. To achieve this pitch, the overall balanced string tension must already be evident.

Helpful Tips

There are several ways to keep your piano sounding its best between scheduled tunings. First, locate your piano on an inside wall to avoid direct sunlight and heat coming from a window. Second, move your piano away from doors to protect against drafts.

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